One of the priories of Wee Studio is to nurture the local talent on the island. The Western Isles has a great reputation for incredible musicians and a
vibrant music scene and we want this to continue and grow. This not only benefits the musicians who will have a better quality of life
but will increase tourism and put the Western Isles on the map as the musicians become successful.

Wee Studio has sourced the best working and most experienced musicians to continue the musical ability onto students.



Lessons available for:

Piano, Fiddle, Guitar (Acoustic, Electric and Bass), Drums, Accordion and Mandolin



Tutors at Wee Studio include:

Keith Morrison (Face The West, Dotjr, Folk n Roll, Sean Harrison Band, Optimus Grime, Rocker 2)

Jane Hepburn (Face The West, Portrona Ceilidh Band, Folk n Roll)

DC Macmillan (Face The West, Dragging the Lake, Folk n Roll, Optimus Grim, Rocker 2)




Lessons are £12.50 per half hour (£15 membership fee. Booking per semester only. Minimum age 9)