Control Room
Live Room
Dub Studio
High quality monitoring and production environment. Boasts a large collection of outboard equipment and professional microphones, perfect acoustics and top of the range computing power for digital editing. The room can be used for extra recording room. There is even a sofa for clients which is raised for perfect listening position. Two large windows bring in natural light.
Perfectly tuned recording room. All recordings benefit from acoustic treatment and this room sounds brilliant for any instrument. There is also a large amount of professional instruments that are available for use free of charge to clients. A large window between the Live Room and Control Room and dimmer switches for the lighting ensure a comfortable environment.
Designed for modern production. Dance, pop, dubstep etc. A comfortable environment complete with large TV display for producing from the clients sofa.


Studio Rate is £25 per hour

List of Studio Equipment:

Tascam FW-1884 Automated Desk
Fostex LR16 Harddisk Recorder
Phonic Helix 18 Channel Firewire Desk

Computing Power
Custom Built i7 Intel Powered Workstation (Dual 21" LG Monitors)
Dell XPS Laptop
Macbook Pro Laptop (Dub Studio)

PMC TB2S+ Studio Monitors (Powered by Bryston 8b Amp)
Dynaudio Monitors (Powered by Bryston 8b Amp)
12" Samson 12a Sub Woofer
Behringer Truth Monitors with Sony Sub (Dub Studio)

Outboard Mic Preamps
Apogee Electronics Mini-Me Preamp
ADA8000 8 Channel ADAT Preamp

Valve Tube Microphones
Rode Classic II
2 x Rode K2 Tube

Condenser Microphones
2 x Little Blondies
2 x Little Woodie (Very Rare!)
Octava MK-319
Vintage Russian Octava Lomo
2 x Rode NT1A
2 x Rode N5
Audio Technica AT3035
SE Electronics Z-2200
AKG C1000

Ribbon Microphones
2 x SE Electrionics R1 Ribbon

Dynamic Microphones
Shure SM7B
Shure SM57A Beta
AKG D112
Sennheiser e604 x 2
Audix OM7 Mic
Audio Technica Handeld x 4
Selection of Shure SM57s and SM 58s

Headphone Monitoring
6 Channel HPA Headphone Amp
4 Channel HA400 Headphone Amp
4 Channel HA4400 Headphone Amp
6 x AKG Headphones
1 x Fostex Headphones

Korg Triton Studio
Korg N1
Korg MicroKorg
Kurzweil SP88
M-Audio Prokeys 88
Access Virus KC
Yamaha Csx1
Roland D50
Roland A33

Outboard Modules/Synths
Kuzweil K2600R Sound Rack
Yamaha Motif Rack ES Sound Rack
Korg TR (Trinity) Sound Rack
Korg N1R x 2 Sound Racks
Nord Micro Modular Synth
Korg Nano Pad Midi Controller

Seagull S6 Acoustic
Sigma by Martin DR35 Acoustic
Takamine 12 String Acoustic
Gibson Les Paul Custom Electric Guitar
Gibson SG Standard Electric
Fender Telecaster "78 Electric Guitar
Casio Midi Electric
Epiphone SG Electric
Yamaha RBX375 Bass
Epiphone Thunderbird Bass
Ibanez GSR205EX Bass

Guitar Amps
Marshall MG15

Bass Amps
Peavey Deltabass Amp
Peavey 8x10 Cabinet

Other Instruments
Hohner Junior Accordion 48 Bass
Ozark Bouzouki
Ozark Mandolin
6 String Banjo (Banjitar)
Full Size Cello
14" Tunable Bodhran
15" Kambala Djembe